The Pyramids of Google

a small investigation into adsense, click fraud and click farms

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Pyramids of Google - The Beginning.

A Test Post. The next one on click fraud and google.

Some very damning evidence!

Poor Google!

This is a report of a small investigation that I did after checking out the news on the recent lawsuit against google related to click fraud.

Every ad that is displayed using google's adsense including the ads on this blog links to this site:

It is from here, google will redirect the link to the advertiser's page.

Go to (an amazon site) to find out something about the people who clicked on In order to do that you click on this link:

The related links for are nearly all chinese, I found to my surprise and shock. You would expect some sites from the US, but there is just one in the top 20. Atleast top 15 of the 20 related links are chinese (and a very strange site called and a chinese site, which shows up as ???? !!)

This means that a whole big bunch of the people who click on google adsense ads at then go on to visit other sites which are mostly chinese.

This seems to point that click fraud is quite likely being carried out, as per the rumors, from chinese clickfarms and that click fraud is of much larger proportions than google would admit.

This is really making me sad.